Why Choose Us? It's All in Our Process


Handcrafted stained Glass since 1977

In bringing your one-of-a-kind creation to life, we take detailed and deliberate steps to assure your satisfaction. Since 1977, we've worked with homeowners, business owners, and churches to develop beautiful, stained-glass creations. Here's how we work with clients like you in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and beyond:

1. To begin, our staff arrives at your site to take exact measurements. 

2. Next, the fun begins - we help you harness your inspiration. Whether you have a photograph from vacation or a combination of ideas from your imagination, we will discuss how to put them on paper. Not sure where to start? We also offer a pattern book for customers to browse.

3. Our artists create a drawing of the image for your approval.

4. We work with you to carefully choose each color for the image.

5. Then, our artists create a full-sized drawing of the image from which the pattern will be created.

6. Pieces of glass are cut to fit the exact specifications of the pattern.

7. Our artists assemble the pieces.

8. Between pieces of glass, either lead putty or foiled copper are placed.

9. Finally, the joints are soldered.

10. We install the work of art in your home or office.

Have questions? We are happy to answer all of your questions about our process. Contact us for more information or to request a risk-free quote.