Church Stained Glass Restoration & Design


Serving Churches in Indiana, Kentucky, & Beyond

Beautiful stained glass can lift your spirit heavenward. Sunburst Stained Glass can restore an heirloom piece's priceless beauty or handcraft a completely new project to inspire your church. For restoration, our meticulous cleaning and repair process will resurrect the glass's original lead strength and color vibrancy. For new projects, our talented team will make your vision a reality with breathtaking artwork and handmade detail. 

We routinely help customers throughout Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and beyond. We are proud to serve a diverse clientele, including:

  • Catholic parishes
  • Presbyterian churches
  • Baptist churches
  • Methodist churches
  • Anglican parishes
  • Lutheran churches
  • Non-denominational churches
  • ...and many others

From hand sketching your church’s dream for a new window to installing the final piece, our company is hands-on at every step.
— The Sunburst Team

How We Can Help

Restoration & Cleaning Services

  • Onsite restoration & cleaning
  • Offsite restoration, which includes:
  • Pulling the original window
  • Sealing the opening
  • Create a rubbing of the original
  • Disassemble, clean, & repair glass
  • Re-lead & assemble
  • Installation

New Design & Production Services

  • Idea collaboration
  • Hand-drawn renderings
  • Precise measurements
  • Color matching services
  • Proofing
  • Assembly & leading
  • Onsite installation preparation
  • Installation